Nissan Heritage Museum – Zama, Japan

Nissan Heritage Museum – Zama, Japan

Had the awesome opportunity to visit the Nissan Heritage Museum while in Japan. A great treat before out heading to Tokyo Auto Salon. Took a bunch of photos for you but was just about dead (sick) so did not pay much attention to the history behind each car. Anyway, I will add as many captions as I can remember… hope you enjoy.

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This little race car was at the entrance of the museum. It’s a 1982 March K10.

Another view – Let’s Matchy!

I’m always fascinated by funky Japanese race wheels.

This fire truck was fire. Something you might see in an old Godzilla movie.

The museum is part of the Nissan Leaf plant so it’s only right they display the first fully electric Nissan car attempt. The removable battery goes under the car – yes, the car still runs. I think the guide said it had a top speed of 30 kilometers per hour (about 18 miles per hour).

These gangster cars though...

They were huge. According to our guide, they were made that big based on US car size trends.

Wagons. I love them.

I can’t exactly remember what these were about… maybe rally cars. None the less, they looked pretty interesting and artistic.

Again, these wagons were so killer. White with red interiors? Hell yeah.

One of the first, now infamous, Nissan Skylines.

As many of you know, Nissan first came to the US under the brand of Datsun. This is a Datsun Fairlady 2000.

This classic GTR was probably my favorite in the museum.

Pop the hood.

Nice mustard Fairlady Z.

Again, the wagons.

Very interesting to see these small SUV-type vehicles.

Another awesome-looking Jeep-like vehicle. Would love to have one of these in my garage.

Here is a Ken Mary GTR. Another one of my favorites.

Here’s a Nissan 200sx which would be a 240SX in the states. This was the beginning of what now has become one of the most popular drift cars in the world. I could almost hear a guy with gauges in his ears say “LS swap it bro” when they opened the hood.

The rest of the photos are of the GTR / Skyline section which included this ugly yet beautiful piece of machinery. Make me crave a Coca-Cola Light.

A Skyline…

and another...

another one...

another one...

another one...

and another one. This one an R35 GTR Nismo

Let’s end it with the biggest beast Nissan has ever created… the Sentra. All kidding aside, I would trade my cars for any of these… including the Sentra.