AE86’S At D-Sport’s Tuner Challenge Chiba Japan

AE86’S At D-Sport’s Tuner Challenge Chiba Japan

If you’ve followed us since day one, you know we love AE86’s (What does Hachi-Roku mean? Hachi-Roku in Japanese Hachi = 8 Roku = 6). The Hachi Roku 86 gear was one of the first designs we created when deciding to carry merch. I feel the AE86 really embodies the spirit of drifting. Of course, the popularity of Initial D helped frame this image but I feel it goes deeper than that. For me, it’s a car that by looks alone, you wouldn’t think would be fun or even remotely close to being a race car. I think that’s the beauty of the Hachi Roku. It’s understated in some ways funky ass look. 😉 I want one. Anyway, here are all the Toyota AE86 Corollas we snapped at Mobara Twin Circuit / D-Sport Tuner Challenge.

Though it seems to me the JZX100 is the go-to car for Japan drifting, the AE86 is a close second. Check out our Chaser post for lots of JZX100 love.

The Run Free crew was in attendance and did not disappoint. This AE86 belongs to Koichi Yamashita-San. It’s sitting on Work Equip 03 wheels wrapped in Toyo Proxes.

Not sure who the owner is but this is an excellent example of an AE86. Sitting on Meister S1 2P’s – Quick side note, Work and Rays seems to be very active in the aftermarket Japan drift scene. This was noticeable in most events I attended while in Japan, including Tokyo Auto Salon.

We featured this car here on WMD after last year's Tuner Challenge. Check the photos HERE. This Hachi Roku was giving ride-alongs side by side the D1 and Formula Drift cars. It definitely wasn’t as fast but it was keeping up. My daughter was in it during the last ride-along where it was hit by one of the other cars – ripped the rear fender right off. Understandably, the owner looked super sad! Another Run Free AE86… Off-white + black hood + Work Wheels is a win for me.

I think this is a D1 Street Legal AE86. Street Legal is basically privateers competing in cars without too many crazy modifications and that are still driven legally on Japan roads. Lone Star Drift has a similar program in Texas.

The yellow TE37’s I think are 15″. I wonder if they would look good on my Team Yuro E30?

I took these just as the sun was setting but had to get one last shot of them.

These two spent most of their day on the track. Unfortunately, I don't believe they were giving ride alongs that day.

The sunset and it was time load these awesome cars up. I really enjoyed checking out all of these Hachi Roku’s and looking forward to coming back next year. If you know or know of any of the owners, please send me a DM on Instagram and I will link them up. Thanks again for checking out the blog – more posts are on the way! – Alex